Welding cement silo and other silos compare what is the difference
Cement silo are generally used to store bulk cement concrete mixing station, which is a closed storage tank for storing bulk materials, food, cement and pulverized coal can be used to store cement silo. In the cement silo tank above material level systems are installed, usage, and the remaining amount of real-time display of material; hole means capable of massive objects because those 2013 dasion 10m3 concrete mixer truck generated by the deposition time is too long break. Put it and screw pump used in combination, it is possible to transport materials to any desired location served, and cement silo tank installation is very convenient, safe and reliable, a variety of mixing station Fuji storage devices.
Welding cement silo and other silo has a significant advantage compared to, as follows:
First, the structure of the performance is very good, long life
Cement silo at the time of the construction of all site welding installation, the thickness of the steel used to reach six to fourteen mm, thickness galvanized coil is three to five times, so that the carrying capacity of cement silo greatly enhanced. And wind resistance also improved greatly enhance its stability. In addition, as it is the international standard material, which makes up the life of cement silo more than 30 years, much longer than the lifetime of the device with other functions.
Second, a good airtight performance, and is widely used.
Welding cement silo to all welds using double-sided welding, 6-8m3 new 6*4 concrete mixer truck which effectively ensures the quality of all parts, so the cement silo with a very good seal, for the storage of bulk materials is very use, safe and reliable.
Third, such a cement silo construction period is relatively short
Welding cement silo installation on site welding, it is possible construction and civil foundation together, largely saving period.
Fourth, small footprint, which covers an area of ​​very small cement silo, the minimum distance between the two positions can reach 0.5 meters, the limited space on the site has been fully utilized.
Fifth, the use of very long duration, has a relatively high practical value
This material is used in cement silo welding material Q235B GB steel, it can be reused, it is a fixed asset.
Cement silo structure and composition Caution
First, the composition
Cement silo, also known as cement tank, its components are many, the most important are steel bin body part, ladder, fence, feeding tube, filter, pressure relief valve, high and low level gauge and discharge valves, etc. Wait.
Second, the structure
Cement silo structure is cylindrical, good quality low price concrete batch plant hzs25 mini cement plant its entire body is composed of four tube compartment at the bottom of the leg support, all of the steel structure in the form of cement silo, are welded; on top of it and the pressure relief valve is mounted dust collector.
Third, pay attention
1, in the process of installing the cement silo which allowed bin body tilt, leg deformation and so not normal.
2, the welding between the bottom and the foundation embedded parts of the legs must be strong.
3, to make the entire cement silo wind and lightning protection.
4, good protective measures to avoid leg and body positions by external impact.
5, adhere to regular cement dust bag on the case for examination, and promptly clean up.
6, warehouse Basics entire cement silo must be firm, to comply with the relevant norms of architectural design.